Neat Games is a game development brand based in Luxembourg, focused on creating casual games and brain teaser puzzles with novel ideas. The goal of Neat Games is to produce products that are useful for end-users as well as the game development community. The latter is accomplished by making the majority of the source codes and assets used to develop the games available to the public, as well as publishing tutorials and tips about different aspects of game development using the mainstream development tools.

Started in 2008, so far more than twenty titles have been published under this brand for Windows, iOS and Android-based devices. Aside from games, research and development on next-generation technologies such as Virtual Reality and Natural User Interfaces (NUIs) are part of the spirit of Neat Games, and the results of such efforts often lead to the creation of middleware libraries that facilitate using such technologies for the game development community.

Neat Games is ready to offer worldwide consulting services for games and interactive media. For more information, please contact